The Akashic Record

The Akashic Record – also known as the Book of Life – is said to be a cosmic record of all life that has ever been along with everything that it has done, thought and felt. It is a record of everything connected with mankind and reaches back to the dawn of the universe.

The Mind of God?

The Records are not kept physically but rather are imprinted on the astral plane via Akasha – the “astral light”. The word comes fom the Saskrit word for “sky” or “space”. As such the Akashic Records are nowhere yet everywhere – accessible and influential.

Some people have described the Records as “The Mind of God”.

Various mystics and religions are believed to have had direct access to the Akasha, being able to refer to its knowledge and hence gain wisdom. Since all life is connected to the Akasha, it is said that anyone can access the Records and become a “witness”.

Even for those who aren’t aware of the Records, they still have influence even without reading them consciously. Information from the Akasha is said to reach us in dreams and intuitions, shaping our thoughts and guiding our actions.

Edgar Cayce was particularly interested in the Akashic Record. In “The Law of One” he recounts a channeling session with an entity named “Ra”. Ra explains that the information gained through channeling comes from the Akashic Record, also known as the Hall of Records.

It’s interesting to note the overlap between the ancient concept of the Akashic Record and modern ideas involving consciousness studies, quantum theory and racial memory.