Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce (pronounced “Casey” as in “Jones”) was – and probably still is – one of the most famous psychics ever to have come out of America. Although he died way back in 1945 he still has many followers and there is a not for profit Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) dedicated to his work. The ARE was founded by Cayce himself in 1931 and is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

To many skeptics, of course, psychic abilities do not exist there Cayce cannot have been psychic, QED.

Who Was Edgar Cayce?

Cayce was born in 1877 near Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He had an ordinary life until, in 1900, he suffered an attack of laryngitis as a result of which he lost his voice.

Cayce was eventually cured of his laryngitis following the involvement of local hypnotist Al Lane. Lane put Cayce into hypnotic trance from which Cayce is said to have diagnosed and cured his lack of speech.

Cayce then worked with Lane offering diagnoses and cures at no charge to members of the public. These rapidly diverged from pure hypnotherapy with Cayce often working from letters without actually meeting the “patient”.

As word spread of his abilities Cayce found himself more and more in demand. He moved out of Kentucky, eventually arriving in Virginia Beach. Here he worked full time as a professional psychic with an ever increasing profile and associated workload. He died of a stroke in 1945.

The Sleeping Prophet

Cayce was known as The Sleeping Profit. This is because his readings were given from a self-induced state that resembled deep relaxation or sleep, possibly a form of autohypnosis. Whilst in this state his audience would ask him questions to which he would respond with – his followers claim – great accuracy (although during his latter years some of his responses became rather Delphic in nature).

During the latter years of his life, Cayce’s readings were recorded and later transcribed. Many thousands of these transcripts are maintained by the ARE. Much debate takes place as to the value of these records. Some claim they prove Cayce’s abilities, skeptics say that they fail to distinguish between information “discovered” by Cayce and that given to him in advance.

How did Cayce’s psychic powers work? It’s usually suggested that he could tap into some higher power or state of being, perhaps even the Akashic record.

Cayce was also a believer in reincarnation. This begs the question of whether the Sleeping Prophet will reawaken.


One of Cayce’s great interests was the lost city of Atlantis. According to him the final destruction of Atlantis was triggered by the misuse of an occult blue crystal (sometimes associated today with the stone larimar). At the risk of sounding frivolous I can’t help thinking of the Doctor Who story “Planet of the Spiders”!

Cayce believed that many of us today are reincarnated Atlantean souls.

911 or Global Warming?

One prophecy that has gained a lot of attention in recent years concerned the destruction of New York, which would occur around the end of the twentieth century. Many have taken this as a prediction of the terrorist destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001. However this seems to be stretching a point since the same prophecy also has much of the rest of the US seaboard destroyed! The relevant passage from 1934 reads:

Watch New York, Connecticut and the like. Many portions of the East coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the West coast, as well as the central portion of the United States. Los Angeles, San Francisco, most of these will be among those destroyed before New York, even. Portions of the now East coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear.

Those looking to validate Cayce’s predictions might do better to relate these words to the increased global awareness of the threat of climate change. Elsewhere Cayce says:

The Earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the East coast of America. There will be upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas