The Hyadeans

The Hyadeans are, some believe, an advanced alien race that are discussed in connection with connected with some UFO sightings and contactee activity. As the name suggests they are from the Hyades based star system.

The Hyades Cluster

The Hyades star cluster is the nearest such cluster to Earth at a distance of 151 light years – not much in galactic terms. It is part of the constellation of Taurus. The cluster spreads across 80 light years in diameter although the bulk of the stars are concentrated in the central 10 light years in diameter. The cluster is estimated to be some 790 million years old.

The Hyades were known to ancient astronomers and were mentioned as early as 750 BCE by Homer.

The Alien Race

The Hyadeans apear to be one of the “minor” races of the galaxy and most of the little we know about them has been passed on by contactees of one of the other races. It is believed that the Hyadean species shares a common ancestry with humanity through the Lyrians. They are thus often classed as being on “our side” as opposed to on the side of the draconian reptile races.

The original Hyadeans were believed to have fled from the constellation of Lyra as refugees from the Lyran wars between the human races and the reptillians. Their Hyadean descendants are sometimes described as being of the Nordic type in appearance.