Astral Projection

What Is Astral Projection?

Astral projection and travel is a form of Out of Body Experience (OBE or OOBE) that fits uneasily somewhere on the border between psionic ability, scrying and mysticism. It is often associated with remote viewing.

There’s sometimes confusion between astral projection and Real Time Projection (RTP) where the consciousness apparently leaves the body and moves around in the ordinary physical real world. Astral projection is seen as distinct because the consciousness – or soul – is believed to be moving in a “higher dimension” or the astral plane.

Others prefer not to make such distinctions, seeing both RTP and astral projection as versions of the same strange phenomenon. Supporters of the astral plane concept reject this approach, often because they believe that during astral projection it is possible to communicate with being who exist on the higher planes of reality.

According to some theories, the astral plane coexists with our normal physical universe but vibrates at a higher energy level meaning that we are normally unaware of it. Such ideas are strikingly reminiscent of certain concepts in modern physics.

There is a theory that during astral projection the astral body remains connected to the physical body by some form of psychic “thread”. Should this thread be severed then the astral body could come adrift and become lost.

Astral projection is a highly contentious subject with many skeptics claiming that it’s all in the imagination or simply an example of lucid dreaming. However there have been some experiments where the subject reportedly obtained information when out of body that could not be explained. For this reason astral projection techniques have been used in some remote viewing experiments.

How Does Astral Travel Work?

Some experts appear able to achieve astral projection naturally at will, others use techniques such as meditation. Astral projection or other OBEs have also been reported during lucid dreaming. There are also a number of books and courses you can buy that claim to teach astral travel and OBE techniques.

Astral travellers often report “floating” above their bodies and seeing themselves laying below them before they move off onto the astral plane or out into the rest of the “real” world.

The mechanism behind all of this remains a mystery.