Amongst those who believe that alien races have visited planet Earth there are some who think that they’re actually still here, living as human beings known as starseeds.

Who or What Are Starseeds?

Starseeds are alien entities living spiritually through the body of a human being. Very often this person is unaware that they are actually a star seed. Depending on your belief structure their alien self might take the form of a projected consciousness, a soul or a reincarneted identity.

Most starseeds spend their early years unaware of what they later come to consider their true identity. Eventually either something triggers an “awakening” or they “self activate”. If this activation goes smoothly then it results in a harmonious fusion of the human and starseed identities. Others find it problematic and it can cause them problems.

So how can you tell if you’re a starseed? There’s no definitive test to see if you are one, however many of those who identify themseves as such report feelings of otherness and alienation for years before they are “activated”. Of course there are many other posible causes for such feelings, ranging from social circumstances through to physical and psychological issues. Always discuss matters with an appropriate professonal.

Where Do Starseeds Come From?

Opinions vary as to the origin of starseeds. Amongst those who support the extraterrestrial alien hypothesis the most frequently mentioned races are the Alpha Centaurians, the Arcturians and the Sirians. Connections are also sometimes made with ancient civilisations such as Atlantis.

Some take an even grander view than this, believing the Starseeds to be representatives of a Galactic Council or even some form of universal guiding mind.

Why Are Starseeds Here?

So why do the aliens manifest themselves on Earth as Starseeds? The most common theory is that they are here as a channel to help guide the human race, either subtly or directly. Other theories include the possibility of an alien consciousness fleeing to safety or perhaps just simple curiosity about the human condition.