Interpretation of any Tarot card or spread must take into account the reader, the querent and the context. That said, here’s my general interpretation of the Temperance card from the Rider Waite Tarot deck and its meaning.

Reading The Card – Meaning

Temperance is a card of moderation, of balance. It is not about giving anything up, it is about having all things in harmony. It is about choosing delayed gratification.

Such choices must genuinely come from within; they have no value if imposed from without.

Temperance is the card of the moderator, the facilitator, the conciliator. Nothing is forbidden – so long as there is no excess. All must live in harmony.

There are no absolute rights and wrongs, laws are simply guidelines. Balance all the factors and steer a middle path.”An it harm none, do what thou will”.

If well aspected in a Tarot reading, this card can indicate coming to terms, either between individuals or with a situation. It indicates having neither too little nor too much.

If badly aspected this card can indicate excess and over-indulgence, unhealthy self-restraint, different desires and goals pulling in different directions.