The Star

Interpretation of any Tarot card or spread must take into account the reader, the querent and the context. That said, here’s my general interpretation of The Star from the Rider Waite Tarot deck and its meaning.

Reading The Card – Meaning

The Star represents peace, harmony and tranquility. Possibly it is the calm following the storm that destroyed the Tower.

In this card, the storm has passed and the air smells fresh. It is time for renewal, feelings of hope abound. It is time to stretch ourselves, to look forward to new horizons.

Times change, as do we. A new day brings new hope.

When the Star appears in a Tarot spread it represents new possibilities, new hope, new opportunities. If well aspected then those opportunities will be recognised and grasped.

If badly aspected it can indicate a failure to recognise those opportunities, or lack of courage to take advantage of them.

The future starts now.