The Moon

Interpretation of any Tarot card or spread must take into account the reader, the querent and the context. That said, here’s my general interpretation of The Moon from the Rider Waite Tarot deck and its meaning.

Reading The Card – Meaning

The Moon is one of the most complex Tarot cards. It represents the inner depths of the psyche, the powers of intuition and illusion.

The word “lunatic” is appropriate here. This is the card of the madman, the drug addict and the creative genius. Of the tortured soul.

The card shows a dark landscape illuminated only by the clear, white light of the Moon – light which is itself a reflection and hence illusion. Scorpions and wolves await the unwary traveller attempting to pass between the forbidding towers.

Yet this is also a landscape of great power, there is much to be learned here; if one can survive the perils and cope with the contradictions inherent therein.

Truth is falsehood. Reality is illusion. Nothing is real.

When the Moon appears in a Tarot spread it often represents emotional challenges, inner turmoil and psychic disturbance. There can be a lack of clarity in dealing with the mundane world, an excess of dreaming. Whether or not these experiences can be worked through and harnessed depends on the querent.

There is a budding morrow in the midnight.