Kecksburg VFD UFO Festival 2022

July 22 2022

The annual Kecksburg UFO Festival starts today. The three day festival celebrates the Kecksburg, PA UFO incident of 1965.

On December 9th, 1965 an unknown object crashed in the woods outside Kecksburg. Local residents who went to the site reported seeing a metallic object shaped something like an acorn half buried in the ground. According to witnesses, the object was later removed by the military – however state troopers searching the area reported finding nothing. This has, understandably, led to much speculation and conspiracy theory over the years. Things became even more complicated when, in 2005, NASA reported that it had studied fragments from the incident and concluded it was a Soviet satellite – but had lost the records!

The Kecksburg UFO Festival will feature UFO experts and concludes with a UFO conference on Sunday afternoon. There will also be less serious events such as a hot dog eating competition and a bed race.

All proceeds go to the Kecksburg Volunteer Fire Department (VFD). You can read more details here.