The Timeline Spread

The Timeline Tarot Spread is one of the simplest Tarot spreads in the sense that it can be done with only three cards – although I prefer the five card version. However it’s not necessarily the simplest to use.

I find that the Timeline Spread is best suited for getting a high level overview of a situation before possibly using another spread to delve into the detail and answer specific quesions.

At the heart of this spread are three Tarot cards (labelled 1,3 and 5 in the diagram). These represent the past, present and future in regard to the situation being considered. Obviously these should not be considered in isolation but also together. The present is a product of the past and the future a product of the present.

It is possible to perform this spread with just these three tarot cards. The more detailed version of this spread includes two extra cards at positions two and four. These represent the influences that guided the change of circumstance from past to present and will guide from poresent to future.

Depending on the nature of the influence cards and their relation to the base timeline cards, they can indicate either advice or warnings.

Although this Tarot spread seems simple, its very simplicity can cause problems for beginners. Much is required of one’s intuition in order to obtain a valuable reading.