Pendulum Scrying

Pendulum scrying is a centuries-old divination technique, there are definite references back to the ancient Egyptians and the Romans. Given the simplicity of the method and lack of sophisticated equipment required it is likely that pendulum scrying was in use long before the beginning of recorded history.

A pendulum is essentially just a weight on a string. Almost anything can be used as a weight, it depends on your personality and psyche. You might like to use a familiar, personal object or perhaps buy a special pendulum weight.

Many people believe that a crystal pendulum is best as this can in some way focus psychic energy. Others prefer a scrying ring, either plain metal (gold is popular) or of intricate design. Still others prefer an article of personal significance, either to the psychic or the question in hand. The string can either be just a simple string, a silken thread or even a lightweight chain.

How to Use a Pendulum For Scrying

At its simplest the pendulum is used to divine the answer to simple Yes/No/Maybe questions.Simply hold the pendulum lightly, start it swinging gently then decide which direction (eg forwards-backwards or left-right) will indicate yes and which no. Then concentrate on the question and allow the pendulum to choose its path. Rather than depend on the direction of swing, some psychics prefer to determine the answer to their question by whether the pendulum swings backwards and forwards or round in a circle.

A more complex form of pendulum scrying is akin to a ouija board. Here the letters of the alphabet together with the words Yes and No are placed beneath the pendulum and detailed answers spelt out. Sometimes this is done with cards, other people prefer scrying boards or scrying bowls, often intricate and beautiful. This is an advanced technique, start with the simple Yes/No divination method.

Pendulums are also used frequently in dowsing. Sometimes the dowser will take a pendulum out when looking for water, etc and wait for it to react. Other people perform remote dowsing: moving a pendulum across a map and waiting to see when it reacts. Some people have even used remote dowsing to investigate Martian artefacts.

How Does Pendulum Scrying Work?

The use of a pendulum is, of course, extremely prone to the ideomotor effect. In other words, it’s possible that the pendulum is being moved subconsciously by the scryer.

The exact nature of the mechanism is of purely academic interest – what matters is whether or not pendulum scrying works. Centuries of evidence suggest that for some people it does.