Water Scrying

What Is Water Scrying?

Water scrying – also known as hydromancy – is an ancient form of divination that has much in common with mirror and crystal ball divination.

Water scrying was a common feature of pagan and shamanistic cultures because of its connections with nature. The water concerned was often the surface of a smooth lake and it was common to scry by the light of the moon.

Once technology evolved to allow the production of scrying mirrors, these provided a more convenient alternative to water divination. Many modern pagans still prefer the natural connection to water and the feeling of oneness that it gives.

Scrying Bowls

Outdoor water scrying by the light of the moon is not easy for most of us nowadays. As a result, many people prefer to use scrying bowls.

In theory any vessel can be used as a scrying bowl, however as with all forms of divination atmosphere is important. Tap water in a washing up bowl is hardly conducive to psychic inspiration!

There are many special scrying bowls you can buy on the market. Some are simple and plain, others intricate and quite beautiful. Most tend to have reflective surfaces, often made of glass or silver, however some people prefer a dark base which is more akin to the depths of a natural lake. Very often the bowls are sold together with a stand or tripod. There are so many choices – as always, rely on your intuition to tell you which is “right” for you.

Ideally, the water for scrying should be collected from a natural source. Many people recommend doing this at night. In reality, this will be impractical for most of us. However you should try to find some way to make your scrying water special – perhaps using a particular brand of natural spring water which you buy for no other purpose.

How To Do Water Scrying

As with all scrying, creating the appropriate atmosphere is essential. You will need to experiment to find what works for you. Some people like to use candles and incense, others find these a distraction.

Given the connection between water scrying and nature, one possibility is to consider buying one of the many recordings of natural sounds available and have this playing gently in the background.

Some people simply stare at the the surface of the water until they begin to see visions. Others prefer to agitate the water slightly, possibly by stirring it with a freshly cut twig.

As you meditate on the water and the question in the mind you will hopefully begin to see shapes and visions appear. Whether these are of a mystic origin or are a message from your subconscious doesn’t really matter – it’s now down to your intuition to make sense of the message.