Tea Leaf Reading

Divination via tea leaves is technically known as tasseomancy (sometimes tasseography).

Tea leaf scrying probably began way back in ancient China, however more recently is has become associated with European Romanies. During the middle of the twentieth century it was especially popular in England where tea was and still remains the national drink.

Reading the tea leaves is less popular nowadays. This is partly because it lacks the “cool” factor of some scrying methods but also connected with the fact that so few people use leaf tea.

How to Read Tea Leaves

If you’re willing to put aside the tea bags then tasseomancy is a simple, inexpensive form of scrying that also goes down well socially.

Begin by making a pot of tea. You should buy high quality teas since these have larger leaves than their cheaper, powdery counterparts. They are also, of course, nice to drink.

Pour the tea – without straining – into a plain white cup and saucer. The cup should have a wide rim and slightly sloping sides.

Either the psychic or the subject of the reading should now drink the tea, being careful of the leaves. The drinker should leave a little tea in the bottom of the cup, just enough to cover the leaves.

The psychic now takes the cup and swirls it around. Different people have different rules for this, a common ritual is to hold the cup in the left hand and swirl it three times.

The cup is now upended on to the saucer. The remaining liquid will drain into the saucer and as it does so the tea leaves will stick to the side.

The psychic now stares into the leaves and looks for patterns relevant to the question. From here on the reading is all down to the intuitive/psychic skills of the reader.